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2015 Lent Day 10

Today’s Readings

I may be dating myself, but does anyone remember the E.F. Hutton commercials?   The setting would be a busy restaurant and someone would say ” Well my broker is E.F. Hutton” and everyone would turn and listen.

I vision this type of scenario with Jesus.   As He starts to talk at anytime, people, even bystanders, would stop what they are doing and listen.

“I tell you, ”  stop, be quiet and listen.

2015 Lent Day 9

Today’s Readings

Have you ever lost something?   Your keys, a book, your shoes, a wrench.   At some point, during our time on earth, we are bound to loose something or temporarily misplace something.   We start opening cabinet doors, drawers, closets, looking in boxes and finally we start going through the trash can.

Jesus continues to tells us to seek Him out.   If you are lost, look to Him to find your  way again.

2015 Lent Day 8

The sun will come out tomorrow, won’t it?   (it’s snowing, again)

Today’s Readings

God asked Jonah to go and beat His drum,  not Jonah’s drum, God’s drum.    It took the people of Nineveh 40 days to turn around to God.   40 days reminds us of 40 days of rain, 40 days of in the dessert, 40 days that we are in now – the period of lent.

So instead of beating our own drum, let’s beat the drum for God!



2015 Lent Day 7

Today’s Readings

We have all been there.   We have all started a new job and we went to a training class.   The first part of training or the job, is exciting!  We are told about our benefits, vacation and sick days, what hours we are to be working and when payday is!   Then we get down to the actual on the job training and we are shown our desk, chair, files, etc..   We start thinking about how to decorate our new space with photos and pictures.  How should I arrange my files and organize my space.  Then we start asking questions like “Can I rearrange my desk?”  “Can I bring coffee to my desk?”.     We start to gain confidence and assured we are heading in the right direction.  Then we see some of the management start doing things that are unfamiliar to us, we notice how they act and talk.   With our desire to excel and move up we starting asking more questions.  Questions that take on a different tone,  a tone of wonder,  a tone of desire.

When we recite the “Our Father” I think of those disciples that had the courage to ask – “teach us to pray”.     Because they had the desire to learn and the belief that they could learn.   We can learn from these disciples and ask “Our Father, who art in heaven”  questions.   Have the courage to ask and the desire to learn.


2015 Lent Day 6

Today’s Readings

Today’s readings from the Old Testament takes me back to time when I was kid and at the age of playing tricks on each other. We thought, well, I thought they were mostly harmless fun and we got a laugh out of it. We thought nothing of the feelings of that person we were playing the trick on or joking about.

Sometimes we get caught up in ourselves and only worry about us.  We forget to look at our surroundings and see how we are effecting others.  So we need not only to lift our hearts and souls up to God, but lift our heads up and open our eyes to those around us.

2015 Lent First Sunday

Like the weather our faith can come in and out like a storm or a bright day.   But like any athlete who is determined to finish the race – we need to stay the course, keep a steady pace and if we stumble, do not despair and find our pace again.

Today’s readings


2015 Lent day 4

Todays Readings again point us in the direction of how we should live our lives.   Most of the time we delight in thinking that we know the path that we are taking without realizing the collateral damage that we are causing others. We sink so deep into ourselves instead of giving in to what we can not control.

So maybe instead of worrying about sticking to our plan, give in and give up control to God.



2015 Lent Day 3

Todays readings help us overcome some our fears because Jesus is always with us.   Why should we be gloomy if God is always with us?



2015 Lent Day 2

Funny how things seem to work. We call it coincidence, luck, fate and even take credit ourselves for planning it out.

Today’s readings remind me of the guy who asked Jesus “How do I get to heaven?”   Do you remember that story?

Sometimes we don’t always believe what we hear or see,  why?   Are we that skeptical of a person?  Have we been taught not to trust anyone?  Always check your math twice.  Proofread your blog before you post.  Double check the lock, lights, oven, fireplace etc.   We have been so entrenched with these thoughts that when someone tells us “How” to do something right we not only question them we question ourselves as to why should we believe them.   How do I know they are telling the truth?  Let me ask you this question then – how do you know the truth from the not true if you don’t know the truth?

When Jesus told the man to “go sell everything and follow me”  it was hard for him to believe, after all he work hard for his possessions, his reputation, his “kingdom” if you will.   And to be told to drop it, sell it and to follow Jesus.  It’s hard to recognize the truth when you don’t know what it looks like.

It takes faith to follow the unseen and Jesus was quick to point that out when He could.

Todays Readings

2015 Lent – Ash Wednesday

Well it happened again. Again Lent somehow came in like a thief in the night and is upon us.
Why? Why now?
We were ticking along pretty smoothly like a fine watch. This past summer and fall was the best we had in a long time. We spent time with our families, traveled to Ireland and even went skiing for the first time (well I went skiing for the first time). So we are just fine, right?

Well, in the words of Kenny Rogers,  you picked a fine time to come Lent!   I’ll drop everything I am doing and re-organize my schedule.   I believe I have slot open for praying somewhere, it may have to be next Thursday between 4-5pm – will that work?  No?  Okay, Okay…  How about I try to clean out the cupboard and take the expired canned beans to the food bank?  No?  How about I take the clothes from my closet, that don’t fit anyway, to Goodwill – that should…No?

Lent is time for change.  A change of habits.  A change of heart.  A change of your thought process (think before doing).

It is not intended to be a quick fix program.

So for the next forty plus days – let us examine our ways, our hearts and our souls.

Ash Wednesday Readings



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