Thoughts off the Glass

God Bless you my friend

My friend Brad passed away the other day from cancer.  Let me tell you from personal experience  – cancer sucks.  It does not matter what type or where – it sucks.  From the moment you are diagnosed, the treatments and just the fact that it will now follow you for the rest of your life here on earth.   I met Brad through my kids swimming meets, he was an official, I was an official (thinking about going back, but I say that every year now).  Brad was too smart for me,  attorney by education and career.   In swimming the rules are the same if you are 6 or if you are 26 – the same rules apply.   So I would want to be Mr Niceguy and let the kids do this or that and Brad would site off ” according to paragraph 4, rule 3.1 subset section 3 — no they can not”  (okay Brad – you had to much time on your hands) .    This is why I think Brad was a great official – he took it seriously and applied it.  He was always great fun to be around and I would run across him and his wife (his daughter goes to the same high school as my son) so we would she each other at events and what not.   Brad – God Bless you and your family and be assured that we will miss that sneeky grin.   Godspeed my friend.


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