Thoughts off the Glass

What’s the hurry…

We are a society of constant motion.  This morning I had to take our truck to get some work done on it, fortunately it is close enough that I can walk home.  On the way home cars are going north, south, east and west, people running or coming in and out of the stores.   This hustle and bustle caused me to wonder (my mind is also in constant motion, some say that I am in my own world) where are we always going?   I am currently reading a book called “Rome to Home” by Scott & Kim Hahn – their conversion to catholicism ( yes I am a a catholic convert), but Kim mentions were are never standing still, you are moving forward or moving backwards, but we really never standing still.  We may never stand still but it sure is nice to ssslllloooowww down!  As a man ( and I speak for this man only) it is very easy for me to slow down,  I have no problem with that.  And I think I have rubbed some of this off on my dear wife – this is/was/is probably not such a good thing as she is the one who can get me moving on a project.   But I think I have found a better reason to slow down, take pause, smell the flowers.    I am not saying to ignore deadlines or not file your tax return etc., that is not the messaged – it is to put things in perspective and ask the “life or death” question – “is this life or death?”  Now that we have answered that question, let’s slow down – relax a little, take a breath.   Enjoy being with each other doing nothing, not discussing finances, not discussing work, no schedules  –  nothing.   I think you’ll have a a good day if you do this now and then.


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