Thoughts off the Glass

Perfectly Imperfect

Did you see the ALMOST perfect game pitched by Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga?  Or was it – Did you see the call Jim Joyce missed?

I ALMOST won the lottery, I got the ticket and waited for the drawing and then after the first ball was selected –  I didn’t win.   I ALMOST bowled a 300 until I rolled a gutter ball on the first try.   What’s the saying – “close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades”.   The big question now and the whining going around is “This call should be overturned, it was a mistake – the umpired admitted it”.  One, let’s put this into perspective – it’s a game.  Two, how many times are we wrong and admit the wrong AFTER the fact?  “I know I shouldn’t have said “I HATE YOU HONEY” but you know I still love you!”  or  “Officer – I didn’t mean to run the light – but I thought it would turn green when I got there”.    We make split decisions every moment of the day, some good some not so good.   Some are more important than others and some are life ending – this is a more tragic error of course.   You do realize that we all could have been perfect throughout our lives – you remember Adam and Eve?  They were living perfectly happy in the garden.    Running around naked and eating everything in sight.   Then they made an error  (dang it!!) one of those life changing, split-second, decisions.   So we are all doomed to be perfectly imperfect from here on.  Oh well – good thing it’s just a game people – Life still beats on – THANK GOD!!

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