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Have you ever felt like you are in quicksand?  Not moving, stifled, stagnant, bored.  At times (unfortunately most of the time) I am very content with doing nothing, but I do love to try different things, learn different things, eat different things and even meet different people – you know in moderation of course.   When it seems like we are stuck in our ways are we really?  I mean even though I do not want to wear any other jeans if they are not Levi’s 505’s, does not mean I won’t wear  a different shirt or socks with it.  It’s kind of like the topping on ice cream – I still want the vanilla ice cream but I am willing to try butterscotch, chocolate, carmel or any combination of toppings.  But leave the vanilla alone.  Are you stuck in quicksand?

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2 thoughts on “Quicksand

  1. Linda on said:

    lucky you. I rambled on about quicksand, sinking while I was doing it. Forgot to fill in my name & email. Lost all I wrote. Quicksand sucked away my memory. Steve – you’re quite the wordsmith.


  2. Linda on said:

    I didn’t mean lucky you in quicksand. I meant you were lucky not to have to read all the rambling I wrote!


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