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Happy Father’s Day! (revised. original post 2010)

My Dad can beat up your Dad.

Have you ever been posed with this question?  I have.  I was probably 9 or 10 at the time and some kid in the neighborhood posed this question to me one night as we were out late playing or doing something, I do not remember his name though.  I grew up in a small town in Wyoming where the rules may have been slightly different than they are today.  Everyone knew each other Mother’s whistle and we knew who had to be home when etc., and we were pretty much unsupervised ninety-five percent of the time.  And like most Fathers in a small town, my Father showed up for all of games (baseball, basketball, track as well as football).   And why does it seem that your Dad knows everyone not only in your town but everyone else in the state as well as anywhere you traveled?  Well my Dad usually seemed very quiet, didn’t talk to us kids a whole lot but when he did you usually listened or…  well you listened.  I would now qualify his demeanor kind of like Clint Eastwood’s in “High Plains Drifter”,  quiet, will sneer at times, sly smiles, compliment you now and then, then smack you down when you need it.  Stories of my Dad include one time (most stories start like this – “one time”) a business associate who did not actually meet my Dad was bragging on how he swindled my Dad at a local diner.  Well of course if you just got taken to the cleaners you are not to happy about it, so neither was my Dad.  Well this dummy just couldn’t shut up so my Father had enough and nailed this gentlemen up against the wall and encouraged him to leave town.  True story or not, this was my Father.   Well as we get older we truely appreciate our Fathers much more than we did as children or even young, immature, stubborn adults.  We understand what it is like to discipline our own children now.  How to balance our career, businesses, friends and family while trying to maintain the passion, fire and love for your wife, family and career.   It is a juggling act that you learned from your Father.  So it is here that I say to my Father – Thank You for teaching me to how to be Godly, loving, understanding, persistent, quiet, sneering, encouraging, determined man.


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One thought on “Happy Father’s Day! (revised. original post 2010)

  1. Love it! I have enjoyed getting to know your father over the passed several years. I feel so lucky to have married a man that has the potential to be like Loy is! How blessed am I???? Very! Thanks for the story, Steve. Can’t wait to spend time with you and Jamie on August 1st. See you then!


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