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the World Cup

Everyone is watching the World Cup, otherwise known to us americans as soccer.   As we, okay me, are caught up in the World Cup results and as USA put up a good battle (actually should have won, just a few stupid mistakes), it reminds me of how all things in life are and you have to roll, bounce and be ready to pounce at a moments notice.   And as I watch the teams or nations move on through to the next round and to the finals, I look forward to that nation holding up the World Cup!!   The World cup….what the…it’s not a cup?  it’s the World cup, where the hell is the cup?  You have the Stanley Cup – yes it is a cup.  All the hocky players take the cup to their hometown and fill it with champagne,beer and God knows what,  but it is a CUP!!   So I decided to google it (we now google, added to webster’s dictionary in 2001) and the World Cup began officially in 1930 and Uruguay won the first World Cup – maybe it was a cup when it started  (I just googled it and it WAS a cup!!  actually called the James Rimet Trophy).  Well to find out the current trophy of the World Cup is now a hollow World maybe we should change the name of the competition too.  But here is a piece of trivia I bet you did not know.   The Stanley Cup winners have their team name engraved on the outside of the cup with the year they won it along side for all to see and enjoy.  Guess where the winner of the World Cup get to place their name?  Come on.. on the base of trophy, under the base of the trophy.  COME ON!!  Your kiddin’ me!!  And there is only room underneath until 2038!  I thought this was the World Cup! not the Hollow World Trophy that we will change in 2038 because we ran out of room cup, I mean trophy ,  no cup just hollow and not a cup.

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