Thoughts off the Glass

Just go the Speed Limit

So I am driving into work, cruising along maybe just above the speed limit (maybe 2-3 mph over) and I am approaching a car in front of me a lot faster than I anticipated and I can not move over to pass due to other traffic beside me. So I slow down, brake, and look that I am now traveling about 10mph slower than the speed limit. You know how you can peer through the other vehicles windows and see no one in front of them or you noticed beforehand that no one was in front of them. I really try not to get into that road-rage mood but sometimes, something, somehow, someone just sets it off. This is one of them. JUST GO THE SPEED LIMIT!! Is this really too much to ask of people? You know as much as I get annoyed by the crazies who want to drive like they are in the Daytona 500 and ride right up my bumper, I am even more annoyed at the person who decides they need to go slower than traffic and slower than the speed limit. So I am very courteous about it, I flash my lights, I will sign with my hands (no, not the finger but will swirl my hand to indicate to speed up), I may try to yell at them (I know they can’t hear me but I feel better). I am really thinking of the idea of hooking up some type of speaker like the police use so that I can yell at them to “PLEASE GO THE SPEED LIMIT!” or maybe I need to make a sign to let them know what the speed limit is.  There are probably a thousand reasons why people think they need to go slow, I think they are all wrong of course.  So if you find yourself unable to go the speed limit please just pull off to the side, drive on the shoulder, turn on your flashers or the best solution is just stay off  the highway!


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