Thoughts off the Glass

Politics & Religion

Two subjects you are not supposed to talk about amongst friends and family – right? I suppose it is because we really do not want to get upset at each other for having different opinions within our own bloodline. We almost always want to talk about the kids, work, neighbors and neighbors dogs. And we almost always stray away from politics and religion. Now politics is one area we can have a different opinion about as long as you keep your voting record to yourself. Occassionally you will see couples who take opposite views and it seems to work (James Caravelle and Mary Matalen come to mind) and I do not know statistics of divorces are caused by different political views is any greater than marrying with different religions.  So why do we have a hard time communicating within our own families about politics and/or religion?  When we are with our group of friends from our church, of course religion is very easy to talk about since we all are of the same belief and seek a deeper understanding.  We are all respectful of each other’s opinion.   We can also talk about politics, current events etc. and still respect each other in doing so.  I believe that this is possible because of how we initially introduced ourselves to each other, very respectful and engaging.  Now with family you have a completely different approach.  As my parents raised me I will say they gave me a choice – their way or their way.  So the attitude that my parents shared with me was more of  “We know what is best for you”.  And as the number 4 child (out of 5) and seeing how NOT to do some things from my older brothers and sister, you come to the conclusion it is easy not to rock the boat.  But what comes from this also is that you do not learn how to communicate well authority figures, you become docile.  So when family is together I stray away from politics and religion.  I may joke about it, there maybe a few jabs here and there, but you do your best to shrug them off.   What I have learned and I hope I am getting better at is communicating with my beloved.  It’s not much better, but I hope that I am getting better.


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