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Why I am catholic – it’s biblical

If you are not catholic you are saying to yourself “no way”.
But I say – “Way!”

I am not a theologian, but at times I pretend to be. And then I remember I am not. But from my understanding of scripture, I do not recall where it says that the Bible alone is the sole authority, sola scripture. In the gospel of John he does state that he could not record all that Jesus did or the all the miracles that He performed, specifically he said that all the books in the world could not document what He (Jesus) did. That alone is amazing to me. Many times Peter and Paul both said “do what we have told you”, “do what we have taught you”, “do what was preached to you”. How is this done without a manual? a Bible? They must of orally (this means speaking) passed it on and people actually listened. This, in our time, seems quite abnormal. You mean no youtube? cellphones? a mini-recorder or something like that. Really there was not a “Bible” at that time, there was sacred scripture, the Torah, or other Jewish scriptures that some, the elite, had access to.
So how did Jesus’ teachings, sermons, His miracles get recorded? By passing the stories down by — speaking. Story tellers. Parents. Grandparents. Friends. All I have to say is “WOW” !.

So how is this Biblical? The Bible tells us so.
Look at what was taught. This word – taught – appears about 42 times throughout the Bible. Taught means someone spoke it, showed how to do it, through example. So the Bible and the written scripture is the inspired Word of God we all agree. But in addition to that the inspired Word of God was taught, preached and passed down or along to many others, not everyone was able to read or write.

So if you have been taught that the Bible alone or sola scripture is the only source of your faith, think about who taught you that.


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One thought on “Why I am catholic – it’s biblical

  1. Linda on said:

    just read this. and, not coincidentally, listening to “O Sacred Head Now Wounded” on internet radio……..
    thank you Steve.


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