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Why I am catholic – it’s teaching

I once made a work bench from some leftover boards and things I had accumulated over the years.  I had never built a table before,  that fact did not slow me down though.   When I finished and was admiring my accomplishment, if I tilted my head to the left just so slightly, it was perfect.   As in most things that we do there is always a teaching moment.

At times we like to jump into the sacred scriptures and just start reading and interpreting them to how we see it best fits us.  We hear someone say something on the radio or we get involved in a conversation at work.  So we rush home to read that verse that was quoted and then we try to understand what they were talking about.  The Church encourages all of us to read all the scriptures and that ignorance of the scriptures is ignorance of Christ.

The Church walks along with us on our journey with our Lord.   By providing us with daily readings that help us understand the sacred scriptures better, she (the Church) is holding our hand along our walk with God.  If we are having a hard time understanding the book, chapter and verse, the Church is there to help guide us, to console us, to comfort us.   Each of us, as humans, have an insatiable desire to learn, to understand and to grow closer to God.

It’s funny how the Church teaches us through her symbols that remind us of the life of Jesus and those that followed Him as well.  She teaches us through her works of charity and giving.  By assisting those in need through food banks, shelters and counseling.  She teaches us humility by not standing on the highest platform and boasting like the pharisee who was seen praying and proclaiming “Thank God I am not like that tax collector”  instead she tries to imitate the tax collector and say “Be merciful oh God for I am a sinner” (Luke 18:12-14).

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