Thoughts off the Glass

Forward thinking

Each day that we awake from our hopeful deep sleep that is always to short just as it gets sweet, we begin our forward thinking.   As we struggle to pull our eyelids open and focus on something, usually the clock, our brain kicks in and we realize that our beautiful deep sweet sleep was not.  As we shake off the covers and our bodies rejoice to the fresh air, hoping that when we roll off the bed, our feet hit first.  At this point our ancestorial rituals of preparing us for the day kick in and very little forward thinking takes place due to the numbness of the brain that we encounter during this ritual behavior.   At some point in our ritual (I will make the assumption that we all brush our teeth as some point) we find it necessary to communicate with our mouth full of foaming toothpaste.  We are attempting to think forward and communicate with our significant other about this, but because of the numbness of our brain due to our ritualistic behaviors, it blocks our capacity to rationalize that our communication devices will be drowned out.  This in turn leads to, literally, foaming of the mouth, down the chin and onto your nicely pressed (ready for  the first meeting of the day of many meetings) shirt.  Our eagerness to begin our forward thinking now has us in our retreat and recover ritual behavior.   So much for forward thinking.

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