Thoughts off the Glass

School is back

I remember when the new school opened up for the first time, Stocktrail Elementary.  This was a new kind of school to us.  It had a very open floor plan, in fact it seemed like it had no walls only some partitions between classes.  And it was carpeted throughout the whole school.   I especially remember the playground because it was all black with the brilliant white lines for the basketball and for four-square.  Every morning before class we had a four-square tournament, I think I made it to the number two spot once in my illustrious career.   The new black ashphalt playground took out it’s revenge on one of our friends, Mark, and broke his two front teeth.  As far as I know Mark still has false teeth to this day because of that.  It was also the beginning of tackle football in which we practiced in a dirt field next to the school.   Seems kinda of wierd to think of the conditions we played in at school without any worries in the world.

So now it’s time the time of year for school to start.  This year for the first time we have no one to wake up for school.  No one to tell “hurry up you will be late!”, “did you eat?”, “why are you wearing that?”, “did you finish your homework?”, “don’t forget your books!”, “be careful”, “we love you”

Yep, we are empty nesters!  It is a little strange to not see shoes laying around, books piled up on the desk or backpacks.  Strange not to hear other noises in the house besides my own natural noises 😉  And at the same time a sense of satisfaction that we did our part in preparing them to depart this day, to fly coup! (at least we didn’t push them out of the nest).   It reminds me of the time we were teaching them to ride their bikes when that moment came where you have to let go and let them fall – same feeling.

School – it’s a time of excitement of learning, meeting new friends, old friends, new teachers, old teachers (literally) and for us this time – new adventures for sure!  Have fun in school!

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