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Why I am catholic — it’s the children

Teaching is a hard profession.  You need to have the qualities of a saint.  So, in my opinion, every professional teacher (especially K-12) is a saint.   Fortunately this includes my sister, sister-in-law and both of my in-laws.

We teach the RCIC class at our parish (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children).  We are not professionals in any manner.  Fortunately, we do have a couple that helps us out (as well as few others) that one IS a professional teacher.   It comes in especially handy in the way of discipline of the kids (ages 8-12).

But it’s not the kids discipline that I am amazed at, after all, kids will be kids.  But it is their absolute, honest insight into situations.  For example,  I asked the kids if they woke up early enough to see God’s creation today?  (My intention was for them to say “yes” because it was a beautiful sunrise!)  Well immediately the brother and sister both said, “YES!!!   We saw THREE HOT AIR BALLOONS!!!”

I am amazed at God’s creation everyday, especially those creations under 5 feet tall!

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