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Cancer – It Still Stinks

It’s been just over two years now since my last chemo and radiation treatment.  I have non-hodgkins lymphoma cancer.   All appears to be going well or I should say as well as expected.  Once you are diagnosed, well this is my opinion, you look back and second guess what you should have been doing.  Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten so many hamburgers, hot dogs or those grilled cheese sandwiches with that wonderful natural american cheese.   Maybe I should have eaten more fruits and vegetables instead of that fried chicken.   I should have drunk more milk, less soda and less beer (nope – scratch that, same amount of beer).

It’s amazing how much you learn about something once it affects you or your family.  Did you know that the American Cancer Society estimates that an adult has a  1 in 50 chance in obtaining non-hodgkins lymphoma.  Sorry, that is not good news.   But since I have it that means the next 49 people who read this post will not!!!

The cancer club that one becomes a member of is not of honor or merit, but of default.  And for those of us who are fortunate enough to have not had great adverse effects from the treatments, try to pick those up who are struggling with their treatment.   And it really is not something that we want to brag about or share with many.   And unfortunately I have two more friends that are now members of the club.   We try to support each other and tell each our stories and experiences.  Each one is different and each of us have our ups and downs.  But the funny thing is, none of us blame anybody or anything for it.   We have it, no need to explore or explain to me why I have cancer.  We know it stinks.   I am reminded of  Jim Fixx.   Jim Fixx was a  running fool, he preached the fitness of jogging and all the health benefits.  He was one of the leaders of the jogging phase in the late ’70’s.  Then one day, while jogging, dropped dead – heart attack.   His demise stunk.  But it reminds that as we are merrily moving along our happy life that we can encounter that sudden road-block. 

What’s the point?  Well we know and you know that cancer stinks, no need to remind us of it.   I really don’t care how I got it all I know is that I want to control it and live out as long as possible, my goal is still to reach 100 (well I should say that was Shawn’s goal in the yearbook , so I have adopted it too!) .   And the best that we all can do is provide encouragement, be there for the support.  

Cancer  – it still stinks.

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