Thoughts off the Glass

Big Brothers….

I have two big brothers and I am actually bigger than both of them.

It was three years ago that my oldest brother, the BIG brother, passed away in an accident.  Cheers to you my brother!!

My other brother is doing well and if he reads this, I need $100 – thanks.

Being the baby boy of the family I had a lot of advantages.  For instance I wasn’t the first one mom or dad blamed for anything going wrong.   I didn’t get in trouble for leaving the house a mess.  I learned early it was probably best not to be a smart ass to my dad ( thank you brothers!).   However, one time my oldest brother and I got busted for throwing rocks or something in the alley.  What lesson did I learn from my biggest brother then?  Be sure to be the one to stand the closest to the one with the belt – being on the tail end hurt!

Another lesson I learned from my other brother was not to actually beat my oldest brother in ANYthing, he was a bit of a sore loser.    We had a pool table with a ping pong table on top.  My brother (middle) was playing our big brother in ping pong and kicking his butt.  Well it got a little heated and he (big brother) pushed the top towards my brother (middle) and tried to decapitate him, missed and broke  a corner of the table.  Game over.

Our big brother was very smart, to smart.  After high school he ended up getting a scholarship to Pepperdine University.   He came home the next spring in an Opel GT with long hair and a goatee, and it all seem to fit him perfectly!! He also was a very gifted painter which again fit him perfectly.    And when I got to have the basement room he had I felt very honored to know that he also slept in that room.

My other brother (middle) taught me (or tried to) a bunch of things.  Most of which I will not mention here.   But I will say this that his teachings has helped me as a father to think like a teenager and be prepared like a boy scout.

I love my brothers like, brothers.   And wish that we actually would have lived a little closer to each other, then again maybe not – don’t know for sure.  But the beauty of being brothers, we can be pissed off at each other for a while and feel better after one punches the other out.

I Love You Man!!

God Bless you David!   Andy – see ya soon!


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