Thoughts off the Glass

A way to help solve the homeless..

How much money is spent on the political campaigns?  Between the Democratic and Republican National parties alone it is reaching $800 million and that is in the last two years only.

What if they committed half of that money raised and spent to homeless shelters and food banks?  What if they took that money and gave it the cities or counties to actually improve the roads, sewer systems and infrastructures.

What if all the state primaries etc, used that avenue and gave half of their money to their own states food banks and shelters.

Would we have a homeless or food problem?  Would we or should we have an unemployment problem?

Is the problem really corporate greed or is it really political greed?

We have seem to have lost sight in the fact that we are all in this together and that the common good is not how much we have to spend on campaign ads.   I would change my vote to the person who could show me they have done the most with what they got and not promise me something they can not do.


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