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Why I am catholic ……. the majesty

Someday I hope that I can have the opportunity to travel more and get to see all the beautiful  churches, new and old, out there.   And at least I would like to travel to New York  to see St. Patricks Cathedral   and to Rome  to see St Peter’s Baslica     to see all the old churches.   There is something about these old churches that lure people into them to view and photograph.  Either it is the architecture, the statues, history, stained glass work, artwork and I would hope the holinest of the church is what truely draws one in.

Where I grew up and the church building I attended was more to the shape of a barn, but less interesting than a barn.        The reasoning was that the church is about the people and not the buildings.  So this same bland shape was mainly used in all the towns that we visited as well.   It does not have a cross on it or in front of it.  It does have sign on the side to tell you that this is the Church of Christ.  The inside is about the same as the outside, bland.   No windows, except for the nursery and a window for the preacher’s office, adorn this building.  So if was snowing or an actual riot outside we would not know it until we opened the doors!

So why the HUGE differences in the buildings if, as we are told in the scriptures “where two or more are gathered”  Jesus is with us.   Well when Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary, mother of God.   The Magi got it right in that they were bring gifts to a KING!! (no baby gifts)       When Jesus went to the pharisee’s house for dinner His feet was wiped with her tears and annointed with very expensive perfume      from the prostitute, which every one got upset about.   What did Jesus say to them?   “what did you offer?  No water to wash my feet – she wiped them with tears.   No kiss – she has not stopped kissing my feet.”

This being the base for my opinion (and according to Merriam-Webster; a belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge )  this is why we should strive to give our best to God. 

If we are a talented artist – then we should design ornate items for God’s glory.  

If we are an artichtect – then we design and build beautiful buildings for God’s Glory.  

We do just as the Magi did for a King – we bring our BEST!  we strive to be the BEST!


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