Thoughts off the Glass

What does it profit us

Thomas More:What Does It Profit Us? (from
DEUTERONOMY 30:15–20; PSALM 1:1–2, 3–4, 6; LUKE 9:22–25
Thomas More was a scholar, author, lawyer, family man, and chancellor of England. His intense spiritual convictions led him to oppose Henry’s divorce and break with Rome. More’s choice led to his death as a martyrin 1535.Thomas More’s courage and convictions offer us inspiration as Lent begins to work with the grace of
God over forty days, remain focused on who we are as followers of Christ, withstand the world’s distractions, and make the “man for all seasons” a great role model to follow.Prayer
God of our self-denial, show us how to embrace the cross of Jesus.
 Give us the wisdom to reorder our priorities so that we might gain eternal life.

I always feel humbled to those who can choose their own life for their faith.  The soldier, police or fire fighters who knowingly go into dangerous situations.  It not only takes courage but a great deal of love as well.  Love for others and not yourself.  Unlike today’s teachings from the secular world of “Love yourself first”, this is not possible if you are a true servant of God or of your neighbor.   And as Jesus said to the pharisees when asked “What is the greatest commandment?”  He replied ” Love your neighbor”

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