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Why can’t we be friends

“Why can’t we be friends?
Why can’t we be friends?
Why can’t we be friends?
Why can’t we be friends?
I seen you ’round for a long long time
I really ‘membered you when you drink my wine
Why can’t we be friends?
Sometimes I don’t speak too bright
but yet I know what I’m talking about”
War (the music group) had it right – why can‘t we be friends?    We all have that inner desire to be someone’s friend.   And it’s an honor when someone will call you their closest friend or even best friend. 
But this post is about those whom we seem to argue with for some unknown reason.   Occasionally I will go on the net and look for a fight.   It’s kinda like in the old days when you had some liquid courage and you laid down your dollars to challenge the best pool player.  Then once you lost your money, swallowed a little pride, you sobered up and realized you bit off  too much.  Back to the practice table and hone some more skills.  I do this on the net and I challenge people on what they or how they interpret God, sacred scriptures and their view on religion in general.
Why is it then when you approach religion, in any manner, that people get on either defensive or they go on attack.   I found a saying and I forgot who said it but it goes “If I am wrong that doesn’t make you right!”
I see this even happens is some debates among religious leaders.  They can not seem to help themself.  They eventually get a little personal and you can see the frustration build up on them.    This happens on the net as well.  We can start out in a friendly mood, ask or answer a simple question.   The next statement brings on a more stearn tone of answer, which then leads to some name calling out of the blue!!  This goes beyond religion on the net, it applies to sports, politics, celebrities and even simple affairs of everyday life.  The “net” has brought out this creature in all of us and since we can be somewhat anonymous, we let our inner creature roar!!
I am generally a smartass, but I have been my whole life and lately (last 5-7 years) I have, for the most part, been able to control that part of me so that I don’t say those things that get me A: fired and B: in trouble, period. 
So why is it so hard for us to express our opinions without getting upset because people don’t believe what we believe?  Is it so terrible if no one person believes the same thing that we believe and feel?  Are we that insecure in our beliefs that we have the need to pull others into our court?  Do we need that confirmation that we will make enemies to pronounce it as well? 
So is it even possible that we can all just be friends?  I  hope so.  But we keep stumbling over ourselves trying to do so.  And maybe the best we can really hope for is just acquaintances.

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2 thoughts on “Why can’t we be friends

  1. We are all indeed insecure but have a tendency to become embolden when we are unable to see the reaction that our remarks evoke in others. …the internet has allowed us to go around “slapping” people and then walking off – like a “there, I told ya'” without the consequences of actually seeing what our words have done. “Mass media” is so ineffective. I am growing to loathe facebook and emails. But I still check it once or twice a day. I don’t think true friendships can be established over the internet. It’s difficult to even re-establish common ground with old friends or acquaintances.

    What this “virtual” communication requires is writing skills that so many just flat don’t have (maybe I only speak for myself). And it’s impossible to write down the tone of your voice, the look on your face, a slight smile, a puzzled grimace, the raised eyebrow, a sigh. or a soft touch on the hand. Sitting in front of a monitor that only gives back what you put in – because you quickly walk away from it…’s all so pointless so many times. So, why in the world am I here right now? Because you are my little brother. If you were a stranger, I wouldn’t even respond.

    We’ll never all be friends. That’s just the way it is. ….and what else puzzles me is the deceitful notion that anyone actually cares about anything we say – especially in a public forum – like facebook for example. ….

    To offer you a bit of encouragement, we (in our family) had some pretty good instruction in sarcasm. So, we just can’t “hep” being what we are – at the core of the matter. If our words (anyone’s) repel folks, cause them to get their dander up – I guess we just have to hope that they are mature enough to sift……

    The strong arm tactics of some are repulsive. And what’s really disgusting is when then only comments you hear from folks are needling, questioning, abrasive – when there’s no other communication but that.

    So, how’s your day going???


  2. For some weird reason i like always relate everything to a song. Because there is a song for every season as it turns, turns turns….so with that i say…..
    aaaaaaaaammmmmmmennnnn!!! AAAAAAAAAmmeeeeeennnnnn!!!
    amen, Amen AMEN!!


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