Thoughts off the Glass

The art of the “Negotiation”

The best negotiator was Whimpy, the character from Popeye.  As he would say “gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” .

I always loved that!   I still say it today, a thousand years later (okay geeks not a thousand years but let’s say on the plus side of 50!).    And isn’t this why we are in debt as a country? as a state? as a county? as a town? and in some cases as a family? ouch.

We use to be able to look at our politicians as the great negotiators, or at least I thought so.   I first admired Richard Nixon who was able to negotiate with the Chinese to walk the great wall of China.   Mind you I was about eleven the time, but I thought he bargained the kitchen sink for this, for a wall?  not a gold wall just a wall of rocks.   I don’t think any of our politicians today could even come close to this feat without trying to stuff their pockets first.   The greed that seems to have been imbedded in all politicians over the last 20 years is, well impressive.  Are they good negotiators?  Well yes they are for themselves anyway.

I remember my first negotiation it was in that wonderful little tourist town of Juarez, Mexico.   Our family traveled across the border south of El Paso, Texas for a wonderful day of shopping.    My aunt spoke fluent spanish, well actually mostly spanish as she was from Panama.   Well anyway I am sure I was with one of my cousins, probably Albert or Jose,  anyway I negotiated the price down on a switch blade.   Now I thought it was illegal to have a switch blade in the United States so when we crossed back in the van, I hid the knife under the seat or somewhere like that thinking I was going to get busted.   Well my first successful negotiation and illegal transport of goods!!

I think I have figured out how to be the best negotiator, it has only taken me 40 plus years since my first one however.   Well I believe, in order to get the best deal or the best terms or whatever it is you are seeking is that you need to be in the position that you do not really – really – really need that thing, that car, that washer/dryer set, that flooring, that sofa, that whatever.  In more layman terms, do not fall in “Love” with it so that you are able to walk away from it.  Most of the time if you are ready to turn your back on the deal you will then find yourself looking at a new deal.

Nothing you didn’t know though.  You knew that.  Everyone knows that if you really didn’t need it then why are you buying it.


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