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Yahoo!!  for summertime!!

It always bring a feeling of newness, the smell of fresh cut grass and blooming flowers with bees buzzing all around.  I do love the summer!!

For years, or it seemed, my brother and I would spend our summers in deep east Texas.  When you are kids the heat doesn’t seem as hot or the cold as cold.  But one thing I do remember, and it  still sends little quivers up your spine, were the ticks that you would find in the most unpleasant places of your body.  Now with that image, imagine having your Grandma doing the looking, oh yeah now THAT is embarassing!!

Oh but the fun we had crossing fields, running from bulls and jumping fences to go and play with our cousins.  We could sit on the front porch of our Grandparents house, shooting butterflies with our BB guns or sit their with a bucket full of peas shucking away!  Once in awhile Grandpa would take us up the road to go fishing on some private property in his old truck,  I miss that truck.   We would take our baths out on the back porch in the horse trough and yes the water was a little cold.

Some of the best times or just the funniest times were, as we say, “visitin’ “.   With anyone who came by, and of course our Dad knows everyone, not just the neighbors or in town, but we are pretty sure he knows everyone in the state of Texas.

Well here’s a big HELLO to summer.  Let’s go and get a lil snuff and snort it up!!! (a tribute to our Grandparents – yes they both did it!)


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2 thoughts on “SummerTime

  1. Linda on said:

    …and there was “heat lightnin'” and fireflies. an occasional armadillo. and big fat green caterpillars on the catauba tree (the one that had the long “beans” on it). and the outhouse. and the smokehouse that smelled so good. and eating honeysuckle. and Mr. Nunn’s brahma bulls that scared the fire of ya’. and riding in the back of that turquoise pickup, on a washboard road with Granny in the front seat yelling “sue – eeeeeee” callin’ in the cows. great memories Steve.


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