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Why I am catholic……Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Occasionally the question comes up  – Why did you choose catholicism?  What were your reasons?

Did I choose or did it choose me?

Good question and something that I even asked myself before.  Part of the reasons were the fact that my kids were going through for their first communion and confirmation.  And I did not want to be “that” Dad who did not go to church with his family and so I started in with the RCIA classes as well.   And as the studies went along I could not disagree with anything the Church was teaching.   And then I started reading about other people who converted and their conversion stories.  Like Scott Hahn, Bruce Sullivan, Peter Kreeft,   People much much smarter than myself.   Well then I started to see some daylight and I ran across Archbishop Fulton Sheen.  You could say he was way ahead of his time and  a touch before my time.

This would not be the first time that we see a person inspire others to do something great or push them in the right direction.   We know that Jesus would eventually began his ministry at some point in time but why did it take His mother, Mary, to push Him into it?  (wedding at Cana).   We are all inspired by something and usually someone.  It can be a family member, a friend, an aquaintance or even a child.    Why does it take an event to start something.   In one sense that it is the way we see things.   We cannot accept the fact that God was, is and ever will be.   We see things in time lapses.   Did you, in school, have that experiment where you had to grow something?  Whether it was a plant or fungi, we watched time lapse and recorded the results.   As time goes on we want to see progress or regress.   

I think this is why we have difficulties in the Church.  We think the Church has to progress with the times not stand still.   When we stand still we think we are regressing and not progressing.  But why does the Church have to move?  Should it move?  Is there a reason, other than our own selfishness, to move?  But I have seen the Church move.  Like Archbishop Sheen, whom was probably the first one to use social media, television, to evangilize and bring the world (well at least the United States) to the Church.  Pope Benedict has embraced today’s technology and utilizes youtube, facebook and twitter.  I call that progress.  And the fact that the Church has embraced those “other” denominations that find themselves lost and have asked to come back to the Church (referring to the Angelican Church).   So has the Church moved?  No, but I think people are realizing that the Church doors are not locked but if you knock they will open and if you seek you shall find.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen;    If I were not catholic..


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3 thoughts on “Why I am catholic……Archbishop Fulton Sheen

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  2. Linda on said:

    thanks again Steve. It’s all so true – when “society” comes against a church – it’s the Catholic church they come against. That says a lot. a whole lot. They generally don’t come against small denominational groups (even non-denominationals aare denominational!).


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