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Who’s the dummy?

I am really tired of hearing how we (citizens of the United States) are a bunch of dummies.    That our education system is failing us and failing in teaching our children.  I say ——————-


Let’s look at who’s the dummy here.   How are we to compare are brains with other countries?

Well since EVERY country is dependent is some way or another on some type of trade, why don’t we compare how many patents or inventions each country makes?  Oh – guess what? – United States is number one in the area of international patents.

Let’s compare Nobel Peace prize winners, afterall, this does not necessarily go to anyone who makes anything.  Yes – United States is number one in this area as well and by the way by a two to one margin.  Thank You!…. Thank You very much!!

How do you rank smartnest?   Well, one, we all need the same question.  That would be too easy and from my extensive research (googling for five minutes) I could not find one.  So I am declaring a world-wide tie.  If we are dummies, then everyone is a dummy.

Okay, the next question is how or when did we become dumb?  How is that possible?  Are we only asking 13 year olds?  And I do believe that as you get older you do get or become smarter.  I know, hold your applause.  Age or let’s say time, has a way of teaching you, plus you have a different interest as you get older, I mean, as time passes by.

And on this Memorial Day it reflects on all those soldiers, men and women, who signed up, volunteered, to serve and die for our country.   We they dummies too?  NO!!  Was it wrong to defend our freedoms, such as facebook?  Was it wrong to defend our freedoms, such as free speech?  Was it wrong to defend our lesser government? NO!!  Was it wrong to defend life, liberty and happiness for all countries? NO!!

Now let me ask…What country is the dummy now?

Godspeed to all who have defend our freedoms for they were and are, No Dummies!!

God Bless!


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One thought on “Who’s the dummy?

  1. Linda on said:

    Agree. totally.


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