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Why I am catholic …….it’s One

I recently heard on the radio that a protestant group  or church is coordinating a webcam or a virtual church service to be held and that over 900 churchs have signed up for this event to be held in August.  The goal is so that they come together as ONE church.   (If someone knows more details – please add a link etc.)

For my non-catholic friends who may attend this or sign up their church for it, I have news for you.

Before the first thanksgiving, before the United States, before Columbus sailed the ocean blue and before your church began the catholic Church was doing this – being the ONE Church.

Currently, here in the United States, we are a little bit un-united politically speaking.  Each election we are reminded that we need to improve our education system and that somehow we are lagging the rest of the world.    Sometimes the solution seems too simple.

The Church has been teaching this one marvelous system for years.   And one of the reasons the Church has survived and thrived the last 2000 years is because of one consistent teaching.  It has not deviated in its beliefs which has been passed down through out the years.  Before the Bible was assembled the Church had to teach – orally – the teachings and ways of the Church, the life of Christ and the love of God.  We learned even more from the letters of Paul to the different cities that he preached in and continuously reminded them to “remember what I taught you” , again a reference to teaching orally, using words.   And we learn of Peter and James having to go and remind people of what they taught, again consistently teaching one thought, one way, one Jesus, one God.

So maybe we can learn something from the Church in our education system.  Teach one way, consistently.

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2 thoughts on “Why I am catholic …….it’s One

  1. Bobbke on said:

    The reason the church survivied is because after a preist molested a young boy they would ship him off somewhere else to do the same thing. I have to say they were consistent. The Church has survivied because they found enough gullibale people to give them money for nothing. Someday watch the movie Magdelena Laundies and then tell me what a great religion it is.


    • Thanks Bobbke for reading. Not sure how to respond to your frustration and concern. This is a problem for not only the catholic Church but all churches of every denomination. So what is the solution to correct that or prevent it from happening? Maybe one solution is a more prayful life instead of material one such as the Church teaches as Jesus taught us. But one thing for sure it will take all of us, together (catholic and non-catholic) to find the solution and continual prayers for sure. God Bless You!


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