Thoughts off the Glass

Oh what a beautiful morning…….

Oh what a beautiful day!!

I have this wonderful feeling everything’s going my way!!  

Everyday is a beautiful day for me.  I see the sunrise everyday and when I think it is a significantly beautiful one I will wake my dearest wife up to look at it too.   Each is a little different from the next one and different from past ones.  And if you’re outside you hear the birds chirping or the squirrel scampering about and bunnies nervously looking out for that nearby fox, which is actually nearby most of the time.

If you are not in awe of every day maybe you do not have a pulse.   Look at what God has provided for us each day.  Fresh air blows through each day bringing not only clouds up high but fresh smell of fried bacon or bread baking.   Hot coffee in your hand as you step outside in the wee early hours, sit down and listen.   As the sun rises over the eastern horizon you can feel the world stretching its arms out and welcoming a new day.

As the sun rises you are temporarily paralyzed and can get lost in the colors of orange, yellow and white, and feel the heat of the sun coming upon you.  At this moment our troubles seem small in comparison to the amazement of how this whole planet and universe (as we know it) was developed and designed.  Each planet and star arranged in a purposeful manner.

It is a beautiful morning indeed!!

As I look at the mountains to the west and to the plains on the east I think what was God thinking?  Why would He do this and in this manner?  It’s a mystery.  God is always drawing us closer to Him in a purposeful way.   It could be in a way of our surroundings.  It could be by a friend.  It could be in a movie or by some wonderful music that puts peace in our heart.   But at sometime in our short life He continuously tries to draw us close to Him.

Oh what a beautiful day!!!


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