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Lent…….Day Two

Lent…….Day Two

Take    a      d  e  e  p      b  r  e  a  t  h  !!!

Feeling good because we said our prayer yesterday and probably today already!   – Good job!!  You know that you can always recite the Lord’s prayer whenever you have nothing else to say.

Thursday after Ash Wednesday
Love attracts love.
Near the end of her story, St. Thérèse of Lisieux speaks eloquently of love. She acknowledges that she is able to love only because Jesus has first loved her. Acknowledge the love Jesus has placed in your heart as the source of your own acts of love.

Today it happens to be Valentines Day!!  LoVe is in the air!!!   Everyone wants to love and be loved!!   Dean Martin sings it the best though  “Everybody, loves somebody, somtime!”

So today our goal is to tell someone that you love them!!   After all God loved us first!!


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2 thoughts on “Lent…….Day Two

  1. Ok brother

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  2. okay. love you Steve. that wasn’t so hard! (big sis here)


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