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Lent ……. Day Four

Lent ……. Day Four

Saturday after Ash Wednesday 
True glory is that which will last eternally, and to reach it, it isn’t necessary to perform striking works but to hide oneself and practice virtue in such a way that the left hand knows not what the right is doing.
At Lent’s beginning, Thérèse’s observation about hiding one’s good works is an appropriate caution. Keep your resolutions to yourself. Bask in God’s merciful love.

One of the best commercials running right now is one by Liberty Mutual.   It’s the one that someone cleans up someones mess in the lunch room and someone witnessed, they in turn open a door for the blind person and someone else witnesses it, which in turn they help the elderly in some way.  I believe this type of virtue is in each on of us and it is a part of our DNA.

So, you may have guessed, let’s do something nice for someone today, without boasting or tooting of our horn.  Open a door, say please and thank you like your mama taught you.  Clean up your mess or better yet clean up someone elses mess.

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