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Lent ……. Day Fifteen

Lent ……. Day Fifteen

“How did Jesus love His disciples and why did He love them?  Ah! It was not their natural qualities that could have attracted Him…still Jesus called them friends…He desires to see them reign with Him in the kingdom of His Father, and to open that kingdom to them, He wills to die on the cross…” (Story of a Soul, 220)
St. Therese of Lisieux

Have you ever seen the movie “Bruce Almighty” ?  I think it is one of the better movies that Jim Carrey has done.  I especially like the interaction between Bruce and God (Morgan Freeman).   “it’s G O O O O D!  ”  and is still a popular saying.    I also like the fact that it teaches “free will”.   Remember Bruce there is one rule – you can not make anyone Love You!

Who loved who first?  God loved us first.   ( I think I mentioned this before 🙂 )    We’ve got a friend in Jesus.   (queue song – Carole King  “You’ve got a friend”)

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