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Lent ……. Day Seventeen

Lent ……. Day Seventeen

Going a different route today.  Besides being a bit late on posting this.

I was thinking of how I could honor Pope Benedict XVI.  How could I rightfully thank him for his service to, not only God, but to the Church and all of us.   What could I say that could show my appreciation and gratitude that he deserves.  Then I thought about who our pope is.

Not many use the title “Vicar of Christ”.  The pope does.  He does this because of apostolic succession.  That the successive laying of hands has been passed down from Saint Peter to our current pope.  The Vicar of Christ is a representative of Christ.  The pope cannot go against Church teachings which are all outlined in the Bible along with tons of other teachings that are passed down through the ages.

So Pope Benedict is still teaching us.  He had a tough decision to make.  Like Jesus, he goes into solitude to pray, more than likely praying for us.   Pope Benedict did many things that went unseen and unheralded.  Jesus told everyone He healed not to tell anyone.  Pope Benedict taught us by his example in reaching out to all of us.  Jesus taught us by inviting the outcasts to dinner.

So I guess the best compliment and honor I can pass onto Pope Benedict XVI is that I love you and you always showed the Jesus in you to me.   Thank You.  God Bless You!

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