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Lent ……. Day Twenty

Lent ……. Day Twenty

“To you alone will be the glory which you will make me merit…deign to answer my Prayer.  It is bold, I know; however, I dare to ask you to obtain for me YOUR TWOFOLD LOVE.” (Story of a Soul, 195-196)
St. Therese of Lisieux

Well I had to look it up.     

deign     /dān/   verb,   Do something that one considers to be beneath one’s dignity.

In my own egotistical way, I never considered myself really below God in my prayers.  It never occurred to me until today (thank you St. Thesese!) ,  but it is very true.  We are created in the image of God, but we are not God.   I think of Adam and Eve in the garden, everything they ever needed was there except maybe an ice cream parlor  (if they could of only waited for it…) and satan tempted them.    Genesis 2:4 – 5″   The serpent said to the woman, “You surely will not die! For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” 

Here we are stuck today “thinking” we are God.   From the top to the bottom, and we are our own worse enemy.   We, well I,  constantly stumble over our own two feet.  We can not get out of our own way sometimes.   And at times it feels like an avalanche.  If we could learn some humility and listen to what Jesus taught us, that we should learn to serve and love others first.   Most of us always try to put ourselves first.  Look at our world it is all about self-preservation and wanting to put us first,  always looking good.  

 So let us give Thanks to God for providing us with those who came before us and have shown us the way through their sacrifice, humility and love for others.  And we ask them to pray for us and ask God to deign to answer our prayers.
Thank you;
Saint Therese of Lisieux
Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini
Saint Elizabeth Anne Seton
Saint Thomas Aquinas
and a litany of saints!!   (arranged and sung by Matt Maher) 

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One thought on “Lent ……. Day Twenty

  1. Linda on said:

    true. It’s hard sometimes. Even when asking FOR someone else, I question my own real motive (will the healing of that person make MY life easier? if they were instantly healed, would I be able to keep my mouth shut & not tell them I had prayed for them?) And in praying for “others” in general, or doing “good works”, often I still can’t get myself out of the way. I don’t think I’m unique in this at all. It’s something most struggle with. But it’s one of those “good fights”………


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