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Lent ……. Day Forty

Lent ……. Day Forty

“The little flower transplanted to Mount Carmel was to expand under the shadow of the cross…Until my coming to Carmel, I had never fathomed the depths of the treasures hidden in the Holy Face.” (Story of a Soul, 151-52)
St. Therese of Lisieux

Today is Palm Sunday and the traditional color in the Church is red.   Everyone receives a palm branch upon their entrance into the church.   We welcome Jesus into our lives by the life He gave us.

Today we hear of the last supper, Judas’ betrayal, and Jesus’ crucifixion.  For many of us we have heard the story many times and recall in generalities the last supper, Judas’ kiss, and Peter’s denial of Christ three times.  But do we ever allow ourselves to go deeper?  Saint Therese did, she let herself go deeper and deeper.  The Little Flower looked for those hidden treasures in His Holy Face.  Why not now?  Why not you?  Let go.  Give in.  Thanks be to God!

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