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Lent ……. Day Forty-One

Lent ……. Day Forty-One

“‘Draw me’ suffices;I understand, Lord, that when a soul allows herself to be captivated by the odor of your ointments, she cannot run alone, all the souls whom she loves follow in her train…a natural consequense of her attraction for You.” (Story of a Soul, 254)
St. Therese of Lisieux

I do not smell.

Let me restate that – I do not have a very good sniffer (I blame the chemo).   I would not be hired as an expert sniffer for any perfume company.

I am sure groupies smell too!  They smelled the presence of Jesus and sensed His mercy and love.  People would push pass His body guards, the apostles, to get a touch of His garment.  They wanted to be in His presence, to bask in His glory.  Mary anointed Jesus’ feet with the best oil she had to provide (so expensive it drew Judas crazy!! ) and then she wiped them off with her hair.  Not only did she provide Jesus with the best smelling feet in the land but now she carried His essence with her always in her hair!

We are drawn to the scent of God because of His majesty, because of His beauty, because of His Great Love!!   Everything reminds of wonderful times of our lives – the smell of fresh rain, the wonderful crisp air after a snowstorm,  the ocean water rushing over our feet.  God’s creations because of the love that He created everything with, leads us to Him – we naturally follow His scent!


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