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Lent ……. Day Forty-Two

Lent ……. Day Forty-Two

“I have suffered very much since I was on earth, but, if in my childhood I suffered with sadness, it is no longer in this way that I suffer.  It is with joy and peace. (Story of a Soul, 210)
St. Therese of Lisieux

It has been just over four years since I was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma.  It has been just over four years since my oldest brother (who was also a father, husband and friend to many) passed away.  It has been about 26 years since my mother passed away.   Suffering has not eluded our life.   These are the ones that I would characterize as the moments in my life that caused the most suffering, except for one.

I delayed telling my family (of course not my wife or kids) about my cancer.  First of all it was at the same time my oldest brother, David, passed away.  My thoughts were “I am not dog piling on everyone’s suffering for him so they can turn to me!”.    My second thought was ” this is not going to get me down,  I have found joy and peace in my heart through Jesus Christ”  (yes seriously – this was my thought!).

Do you remember what Jesus was doing in the boat?  A storm was a brewing, wind blowing and everyone one the boat was in a panick.  Jesus was sleeping.  Calm.  Peaceful.

When we read from the gospel during a mass, we all rise and the deacon or priest proclaims ” A reading from the gospel according to Luke “.   Our response “Glory to you O Lord” and at the same time makes the sign of the cross on his forehead, lips and breast.  When you have Jesus in your life you have joy and peace with you all the time.


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