Thoughts off the Glass

First Love

When did you know?

Do you remember?  Of course you do.   We all remember that first love or better yet, that one lasting true love.  Yes I remember and it’s easy for me because I am fortunate enough to wake up to her each day.

There is all different kinds of love though.   I love sports, pizza and beer.  I love being lazy.  I still love watching Star Wars, Judge Dredd, Rambo and the Green Berets.  I love playing a game of basketball or soccer (my knees do not love it though!).   And I love the fact that, in my mind, I could still run quarter mile under a minute, in my mind.   My brother gave me the Lynyrd Skynyrd album – Second Helping.   I put that in the old stereo console and turned it up!   I loved “Sweet Home Alabama!”  and on the flip side “Call me the Breeze!”  (I think I still have that album – it’s a little dusty and worn now).    I loved playing “blood and guts” in the back yard.   I loved riding bikes with friends and doing some real stupid things that sometimes involved a lot of trust of one’s abilities.   I loved staying up all night with my best friend Shawn for the Jerry Lewis telethon.   I loved that first day with the new bike,  driving, and going to the drive-in.   Oh so many things that I loved and love and I really do look forward to the next thing I will love.

I look forward to loving the day (soon, very soon) that our lovely daughter will graduate from law school.  I look forward to loving the time when our son will graduate from college.  I am loving learning how to play the ukulele and love to listen to all the different sounds it can make.  I know that I will love the next time we (family or friends) get together.  I know I will love the day that I get to be the head referee at a high school swim meet (weird? maybe – but I do love it!).  I look forward to loving the day of retirement and loving living the next fifty years with my first true love.

And as The Beatles so eloquently stated “Love is all you need”

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