Thoughts off the Glass

Why I am catholic…….faith works

The aged old question:    Which came first  –  the chicken?   or the egg?

We still ask this question today.  Some spend their entire life asking this question.  And those that are considered experts still have no answer.   It reminds me of Stephen Hawking and his theories of explaining how the world was created.  His latest conclusion is or was that (this is my understanding,  I am not a physicist) two universes came together then pulled apart and that vacuum created the earth.   Okay – where did these two universes come from?

Faith alone will save you.  This is one of the reasons that protestants say the faith alone saves.  True.  Faith will save you.  But the fact that your reception of God’s grace and you believing in His word is the works involved for your faith to have developed.   The grace and mercy of God is there for us to receive.  We can not have faith without this openness to receive that grace, mercy and love of God.   I think that some faiths get hung up on the word “works”.   That the word implies that we have to work at it.   Well it does, but it also means about your spirit “works”.  The “works” of your spirit, the “works” of your heart and mind being opened to the word of God.   Is this not “works” as well as the phyisical “works”.   We associate “works” with the phyisical labor of love and charity.   We donate our money and time to charities to show our “works” of mercy.   We show our “works” at our own church by volunteering to be teachers, ushers and musicians for all to see.   We show our “works” to the government once a year by totalling up the dollars that we gave to those in need.   And we have faith in those who receive that they will use it for that purpose of helping and not for their own gain.   We have faith in Stop Signs and we see the works in action when everyone stops.  We see faith works in those who accept the Lord into their heart and soul.  Not only by saying the words but believing them and the action taken to receive the grace, mercy and love of God – that takes work.  The reception of this free gift is not easy.   Remember what happened in John 6 – Jesus said to them ” “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you”  many would not receive this gift, many do not receive this gift today because it takes work to understand.  It takes effort to open your heart.  It takes faith,  and faith works!!

Learn more of what the catholic church teaches and go to straight to  the catechism of the catholic church (it should be hyper-linked).

Remember the teachings of the church is actually two-fold.   1. The inspired word of God – The Bible    2. The traditions/teachings of the faith passed down from the Apostles and Jesus  (go back and count how many times the Bible states – “taught”, “preached”, or “oral” teachings.  Also in the gospel according to John -“Jesus did many things that all the books in the world can not hold”)

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