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Why I am catholic ……. beginning of the end

Most games we play have a countdown or even a time limit.   In ski racing, every race begins with a simulated “5-4-3-2-1-GO”.    In drag racing the lights change until there green!   In basketball the clock ticks down and as Kobe takes the last shot the clock ticks ZERO…game over! (hit or miss! and I hope he misses!!).

When God created the world and Adam and Eve were perfectly happy in the garden, do you think they even cared about time?  I don’t think so.   Somehow I think that they ate, played, ate, played, ate, laughed, ate, played, slept?  I dunno.  Time and relevance came when sin entered the world.

So when did the beginning of the end come about?  Well, I think it was actually at that moment when sin entered the world.   The $64,000 question is when will it end?  My answer – I am not concerned, not that I don’t care, just that I am not worried.   Like Adam and Eve in the beginning, they were not worried about the what would happen if sin entered the world, they had no worries about that.  Why should they?  They were living in paradise and didn’t even know it!

So why should we worry?   I quote from Bobby McFerrin, Jr  “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” 

In my opinion we are living in paradise and don’t even know it.   Say what?!   We should be living as each day is paradise!  and really it is when you think about it.   Some of us have no worries as to jobs, money or other drama in our life.  Some of us have no jobs, no money and nothing but drama in our life!   But one thing all of us have in common is the fact that today we started with the sun coming up and God’s mercy and love ALL around us.   And I choose to believe that most of us know this fact!  That a greater being than us is actually in control!   We can not control when it begins or ends for that fact.  BUT what we can do is help ourselves by helping others figure out that they are not in control – but that God has a plan for all of us.    I don’t worry about what John is telling us in Revelation because I know that God’s plan is His plan, not my interpretation of His plan.   Even the fathers of the church understood and understand this revelation of Revelation – that God’s loving plan is that those who choose to love Him, choose to follow Him, choose to believe that He sent His son for us to die on the cross for our salvation who rose from the dead and ascended into heaven,  that we will be saved and be in heaven.

So, the question of is this the beginning of the end?  who knows – well God knows so I am not concerned… like a good neighbor – God is there!!


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