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Hello God!

Hello God!

Sometimes we forget to say “Hello” to those we care about.   It’s a simple thing to do after all we wake up in the morning and we start setting our plans in motion.  We have to let the dog out, start the coffee, let the dog in and make sure the water bowl is full.  Along the way we check the milk box and pick up the paper.  Decide what to eat and what to wear.  Should we take our lunch or go out today?

So today I forgot to say “Hello God”!  Seems strange that I would forget to do that.  Most of us pray to God at sometime in our day, week or month.  We attend mass and we pray when we are with others.  We may say a quick  “Hail Mary” or “Our Father” when we hear bad news or sad news of someone we can relate to.  But God doesn’t mind if we forget now and then, He knows our intentions.  We can say we are human and that we sin, which is true, but also is it how we treat everyone else?  Did we say “Hello” to the new employee starting today?  Did we say “Hello” to our boss? or bosses boss?  Did we say “Hello” to the coffee vendor?  How about the Xerox repairman here today for the 5th time this week?

So today is a new day!  Today I am saying “HELLO GOD!”  and tomorrow when I wake up (right God?) I am starting my day with a kiss on my wife’s lips and a “Hello God! – Let’s Go have a great day together!”

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