Thoughts off the Glass

Prayerful thoughts …….

Is every thought we have a prayerful thought?    Think a moment about that, take a deep breath – are you thinking a prayerful thought.

I pray that every thought is a prayerful thought.   I compare it to listening to jazz music.   How’s that you ask.   Well jazz has a foundation like most music, but it also appears to have a lot of freedom of movement so you don’t always know what is coming.  In the church we have prayers that are well written and thoughtful, in fact Jesus taught us the perfect prayer, the Lord’s Prayer or the Our Father ( I always like to refer to as the “Art Father”).    But we also have the freedom to make our own prayer or cry out our prayer with no set pattern.    Most cradle catholics may not realize this freedom that they have or maybe they were never taught about it.

Our prayers can and should follow our thoughts.  We think at a very high rate of speed.   At times I have a hard time following  my own thoughts let alone my dearest wife’s thoughts at times.  Like beautiful music our prayers and prayerful thoughts will take to a beautiful beat of its own and suddenly we will be praying or thinking beautiful thoughts at a high rate only to slow down, collect ourselves and say “Thanks be to God”.

We should remember that every thought IS a prayerful thought and every prayer to God – counts!!

God Bless!!

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