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Why I am catholic ……. the songs

Have you ever been in you car and “that” song comes over the radio, you know, the one you can’t help but belt out in your best and loudest voice, mixed in with the hand jesters that you hope no one sees, but they do and quickly change lanes.

This can happen at any moment of time.   When someone asks a question or makes a remark it seems to me that I quickly relate that to a song.  Why is this?  well it’s because, and this has to be God’s way of talking to us, we remember those musical lyrics,  And God has a plan for us, which I believe is going to be with a “clashing of cymbals” (Psalms 150) we will be celebrating His return!!!

One of my favorite songs is “How Great thou Art” and probably it is because it is my mother’s favorite song (God Bless you Mom!!).  Another one is my wife’s favorite song “Taste and See”, both of these songs bring out my best, out of tune voice, to belt as loud as I can, out of tune of course.

In fact the mass has many memorable songs throughout.   At times I feel that our musical director’s goal is to sing every song listed in the hymnal!  And depending upon which time you attend the music will vary from very old tunes to the newest ones that you hear on your favorite christian radio station.   The most current on that I enjoy now is Matt Maher’s  “Lord, I need You!!

Music does that, it’s brings us close to other which in turn brings us closer to God!  So keep the beat and sing out loud in the shower, car or even in church!!!

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