Thoughts off the Glass

I am one Lucky Dog! …….

I am one lucky dog!   

I found the love of my life when I was seventeen.    It’s kinda of funny, I mean, who would of thought that?  Not me.   But I can honestly say (why do we say that? “honestly say?”  do we assume you/me are dishonest from the get-go or is it that we assume you are honest until found out that you are not?  Maybe I should ask a politician) that I dreamt that she was the one from the first kiss, yes really, THE one.   And as it has turned out these short 35 years that we have been together (29 married) that, in short, I am one lucky dog!!

This first half of life has gone by pretty quickly, and I mean that at times the clock did stand still at few points in my life.    Do you remember Andy Warhol’s famous quote “everyone has fifteen minutes of fame”  or something like that, and it depends on what you call “fame”.

My “fame” is that I did marry the ONE that I wanted and with any “luck” I am hers as well (if I may quote St. Joan of Arc “If I am in the grace of God, I pray that I stay there, if not I pray that I might”).    I am a firm believer that it not only takes divine intervention for a couple to come together, but the almighty God above is also involved throughout your whole  life, dating and marriage.

So I raise my glass to us “Lucky Dogs!”   you know if you are one.   May we continue to be in this state of grace of “Luck” and be forever blessed!!

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