Thoughts off the Glass

Christmas Trees and ornaments

Around this time of year, each year.  We remember….. well we hope we remember where we put all those Christmas decorations, tree lights and yes the ornaments.

Over the course of time and thirty years of marriage, we have been given ornaments, our children have made numerous love made ornaments and we have purchased numerous ones as well.    We have added another one this year, one that is as special as that first Christmas ornament that we received over thirty years ago.  This one comes from Ireland and will hold a special place on the tree.

As each ornament is placed on the tree, each one brings back memories of those moments in time.  Each moment is relived as I place each ornament on the tree.  Some of them are placed near the top where all will see, some face the window out of direct line of sight but they are still loved and then there are the rest.  The rest that are no longer the favorite ones and have been replaced with the newer ones.   Today we have more ornaments than branches on the Christmas tree and one year when I did not put ALL the ornaments on the tree I was the grinch who stole Christmas.  I have now just accepted that title and ALL the ornaments do not make it on the tree but if God’s grace and mercy came in the form of Christmas ornaments then maybe we are well blessed!

So now as open up each Christmas box and to my surprise, more ornaments, I thank God for His abundant graces that He as bestow upon our family!

Merry Christmas!!!

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