Thoughts off the Glass

2015 Lent – Ash Wednesday

Well it happened again. Again Lent somehow came in like a thief in the night and is upon us.
Why? Why now?
We were ticking along pretty smoothly like a fine watch. This past summer and fall was the best we had in a long time. We spent time with our families, traveled to Ireland and even went skiing for the first time (well I went skiing for the first time). So we are just fine, right?

Well, in the words of Kenny Rogers,  you picked a fine time to come Lent!   I’ll drop everything I am doing and re-organize my schedule.   I believe I have slot open for praying somewhere, it may have to be next Thursday between 4-5pm – will that work?  No?  Okay, Okay…  How about I try to clean out the cupboard and take the expired canned beans to the food bank?  No?  How about I take the clothes from my closet, that don’t fit anyway, to Goodwill – that should…No?

Lent is time for change.  A change of habits.  A change of heart.  A change of your thought process (think before doing).

It is not intended to be a quick fix program.

So for the next forty plus days – let us examine our ways, our hearts and our souls.

Ash Wednesday Readings




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