Thoughts off the Glass

2015 Lent Day 2

Funny how things seem to work. We call it coincidence, luck, fate and even take credit ourselves for planning it out.

Today’s readings remind me of the guy who asked Jesus “How do I get to heaven?”   Do you remember that story?

Sometimes we don’t always believe what we hear or see,  why?   Are we that skeptical of a person?  Have we been taught not to trust anyone?  Always check your math twice.  Proofread your blog before you post.  Double check the lock, lights, oven, fireplace etc.   We have been so entrenched with these thoughts that when someone tells us “How” to do something right we not only question them we question ourselves as to why should we believe them.   How do I know they are telling the truth?  Let me ask you this question then – how do you know the truth from the not true if you don’t know the truth?

When Jesus told the man to “go sell everything and follow me”  it was hard for him to believe, after all he work hard for his possessions, his reputation, his “kingdom” if you will.   And to be told to drop it, sell it and to follow Jesus.  It’s hard to recognize the truth when you don’t know what it looks like.

It takes faith to follow the unseen and Jesus was quick to point that out when He could.

Todays Readings


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