Thoughts off the Glass

2015 Lent Day 7

Today’s Readings

We have all been there.   We have all started a new job and we went to a training class.   The first part of training or the job, is exciting!  We are told about our benefits, vacation and sick days, what hours we are to be working and when payday is!   Then we get down to the actual on the job training and we are shown our desk, chair, files, etc..   We start thinking about how to decorate our new space with photos and pictures.  How should I arrange my files and organize my space.  Then we start asking questions like “Can I rearrange my desk?”  “Can I bring coffee to my desk?”.     We start to gain confidence and assured we are heading in the right direction.  Then we see some of the management start doing things that are unfamiliar to us, we notice how they act and talk.   With our desire to excel and move up we starting asking more questions.  Questions that take on a different tone,  a tone of wonder,  a tone of desire.

When we recite the “Our Father” I think of those disciples that had the courage to ask – “teach us to pray”.     Because they had the desire to learn and the belief that they could learn.   We can learn from these disciples and ask “Our Father, who art in heaven”  questions.   Have the courage to ask and the desire to learn.


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