Thoughts off the Glass

2015 Lent Day 13

Today’s Readings

I love watching my wife cook.  She carefully measures out each ingredient, double checks the recipe, then sometimes measures it out again.  Other times she will “wing it” and put in heaping teaspoons or tablespoons of ingredients!  She will make sure that all guests that we have over will have heaping plates as well, no one leaves hungry! (we have even packed some goodies up for guests to take with them).

We are not left guessing what may await us.  Jesus is pretty clear here – “Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken down and overflowing..”
Do not mistakenly take this as financial advice, because “Give” not only means dollars and cents but “Give” also means – of your time, of your ears, of your mind.

Today – Give someone your;  – ear and listen to their troubles without inserting your troubles ,  – your heart and have sympathy for them, – your tears and cry with them,  – your two hands and help them with their flat tire.

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