Thoughts off the Glass

2015 Lent Day 15

Today’s Readings

Do you remember the names of the kids that found the Golden Ticket in the movie Willy Wonka?

The kids (characters) name were;

  • Mike Teevee – this kid loves television and wants to be a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy movie star!
  • Veruca Salt – well she wants everything, all the time, every time.  And Daddy wants what she wants all the time.
  • Augustus Gloop – loves chocolate and really a lot of other foods as well.
  • Violet Beauregarde – turns into a giant blueberry because she wants to keep up with the latest and greatest gadgets.
  • Charlie Bucket – our unlikely hero, stumbles and becomes our hero.

I was reminded of this movie by today’s readings.  Here we have the mother of Zebedee (James and John) asking Jesus for a small favor.   Every mother wants the best for her children, regardless of the task.  Some mothers, the hovering type, like to be right up front and do it for their children.  We have all seen this haven’t we?  The mother who does every component of the homework for the child and lets them sign their own name and is naturally upset at the teacher when she (the mother) doesn’t receive an “A”.   We see children pushed into classes and sports that they “grow” into.    When the time comes these same children will always do whatever their mother wants them to do.   I am not saying James and John were not faithful to Jesus and not true believers,  but we do know that they had an overbearing mother! (Back to Willa Wonka – like Veruca’s father!)

Jesus simply replies with a “Yeah – No”,  “You do not know what you are asking”

We do that – we do not know what we are asking at times.   And in order for us we need to prepare ourselves for that day by searching, keep learning, keep listening and open up hearts to Jesus.  Like Charlie, when we stumble, let us turn back and confess our sin.



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