Thoughts off the Glass

2015 Lent Fifth Sunday

How are your march madness brackets doing?  Are you happy or sad or just grumpy?

Maybe you’re perturbed!!!

I love that word and I am going to try to use it the next time I am perturbed!!

When I think of Jesus getting perturbed my thoughts range from someone just kicked the sleeping giant or shook up the bees nest.   Not that I believe that God is something different than a loving God, but He does and has at times shook things up with a flood and a few plagues.   Then He sends down His Son to teach and show us how to live.  He is 100% human and 100% God from the moment that His mother Mary said “Yes” to the angel.  Jesus, since He is human as well, felt the emotions and feelings that we do.   So in Today’s Readings we see two human aspects of Jesus – God.   He wept and He was perturbed!!

When we get perturbed we usually act in a completely different way than Jesus did.   We need to learn from Jesus and how He handled this.  He did not run and hide, in fact He performed this miracle in front of many others so that they would all believe!


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