Thoughts off the Glass

You will Rise!

We are nearly half way through the new year, wow.    Time flies when you are busy finding yourself in a new job, new place and still putting finishing touches on your new home.  We miss the old friends, old hangouts, old neighborhood and we remember how things were.   But we do embrace the new, the change, the unknown.  When you take on a new challenge, new job on top of a new location, you are jumping in the deep end, head first.   You know you know that you can swim and you will surface again on top.   The challenge is, did you take a deep enough breathe on your way in, did your prepare yourself for some undercurrents to push you back down.

Things have a way of working out.  I was doing some manual labor with a co-worker this past week.  As we were moving things around back and forth, he said “Work smarter, not harder”.    I understand that thought and can appreciate it.  I think of a production line, where all the items for the widget are lined up in order and one person snaps in part a, the next person pounds in part b and etc.   A well thought out plan leads to working smarter.   In sports you learn of players that may out smart their opponent, but more often you hear of someone “out working” them.  I think this is what is missing in today’s work ethic, it’s called “work”, because it takes effort.   And I would rather be labeled a “hard worker”.    It made them think that at times I think we are teaching that you should be able to “work smarter” and not “harder”.  But you know what I think the old familiar habits of “work harder” is actually a better lesson to teach.

Keep swimming, you see the light, you will Rise!!



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