Thoughts off the Glass

About me…

I am no saint but some say I am a real “gem” (I love compliments!).    I married up (thank you Lord!) and she, for some reason, puts up with me and my selfishness.  We have been married for 30 years and believe me it doesn’t seem that long.  As hard as I try I mostly fail because of my lack of trying hard enough.  I enjoy people, I enjoy being lazy, and I enjoy just sitting around with my family (including the dog) doing nothing — this is good enough for me.   I have great friends all around me in my work, in my neighborhood, and in my life.

We both are active in our parish and teach the RCIC classes (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children), technically it is called RCIA adapted for children.  It is like a crash course for kids in which they must also attend weekly religious education classes (in the old days this was called CCD or catachism classes).   We also are active in another group that meets up once a month to discuss various topics of the Bible, the sacraments or other topics.  We have been dubbed affectionately by the groups children (and children is a loose term since most are over 21) – Saint Paul’s Wine Group.    We consume no more or less wine than we are able to.

I am currently 5 years out from being diagnoised with non-hodgkins lymphoma.  Something that will always be present and not necessarily seen.  I did look like “Kojak” for a short term during the treatments of chemo, but the hair did come back and for some reason more grey hair took hold.  As well as I put on a few lbs that I need to get rid of.  (Let me know if you are in need of some lbs).  Part of the process of processing that I have cancer was the fact that I never questioned God why nor did I ever blame Him for it.  It is a test and a testament to my family whom supported me greatly during that time, which actually, carries throughout to today.  But it did bring about this blog and it’s content, good or bad.

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